Ash Hollywood Fucks For Cum


Ash Hollywood, Manuel Ferrara


Samantha Ryan and Manuel Ferrara are walking in the park when they saw Ash Hollywood. It seems that Ash dropped her bag. She is busy picking up her stuff when Manuel approaches her to help out. Samantha slowly approaches them. She is clearly jealous of her. The two catch a glimpse of each other while they walk in opposite directions. Ash and Manuel meet again. Ash is wearing a pink shirt and black yoga pants. The two talk while walking. Their conversation becomes flirting. They have developed a feeling for each other, becoming lovers. While Samantha is not home, Manuel brought Ash over to their house. They enter the door and immediately share a deep passionate kiss. Manuel removes her white dress and black undergarments. He leads her to the bedroom then slightly pushes her on the bed. He goes on top of her. Manuel plays with her breasts and nipples for a while before sliding his tongue down to her pussy. He eats her pussy with gusto. Ash can feel his tongue moving in and around her tight ass and pussy. Ash returns the favor by sucking his huge dick. She strokes it with her hand while greedily sucking it. Manuel can’t control himself any longer. He pulls her closer to him. The two fuck in spoon position before changing it to cowgirl position. Ash grinds her thick ass against his crotch. Manuel pounds her pussy like crazy. She can feel his dick churning the insides of her tiny pussy. The two change their positions a couple more times before Manuel feels like he is about to cum. He pulls out his dick from her vagina then strokes it hard. Ash opens her mouth wide. He shoots his cum into her mouth. Ash plays with it for a while before cleaning his dick with her lips and tongue.


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