Ash Hollywood's Mystery Man Shower Sex in Forsaken Part 3


Ash Hollywood, Michael Vegas


This is a third part of Dana Vespoli’s psychological horror-porn movie, Forsaken. If you’ve seen the previous ones, you might be interested on seeing this one. It’s got everything you might want to see here including big tits, nice ass and everything nice. The scene starts off with Ash Hollywood taking a shower. Camera closes up on the water traveling down her nice tits and booty. Little did she know, there’s actually one more entity enjoying the view. Michael Vegas takes a peak on the goddess taking a shower. Being taken over by lust, he comes in and just straight up doing his dick a favor. He started with kissing Ash as he slowly undress her and touch every bit of her body. Michael eventually lie her down on the counter and starts licking her pussy. He even bent her over to have a closer look on that ass. Once he’s done, Ash kneels down before him to start sucking on his fat cock. Michael caresses her head while she performed her heart out. When they were ready, Michael sits down and lets Ash go on top of him. Ash rode the cock to pleasure using her pussy. She bounces up and down for a while until she pauses to suck on that cock. When she resumed, she faces the other way and resumes fucking him. They go at it for a while until Michael made her lie on her back again. Spreading her legs, he starts fucking her again while he occasionally sucks on her toes. At some point, he lies down beside her to fuck her sideways and eventually going back up. When he’s about to finish, Ash was on all fours. This is the part where he pours all of his strength until he was ready to cum. When he was at his peak, he pulls out and showered her nice ass with his cum.


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