Diary Of A Sex Slave Part 4


Dana DeArmond, Mystica Jade


James Dean and Dana DeArmond are enjoying a nice lovely dinner together. James is keeping her tiny teen slave Mystica Jade on a leash under the table. Dana is sharing to James that she is feeling really down these days. The way how Dana moved her feet under the table attracted the attention of Mystica. The girl slave removed Dana’s heels and begun licking her foot. Dana also gave her other foot to the slave. Mystica continues to lick and kiss Dana’s foot, from her the tip of her toes to her knees. James and Dana keep on their conversation, while the teen slave is kept busy by the female guest. Mystica kisses, licks, and sniffs Dana’s feet. The slave’s tongue found its way to guest’s pussy. Dana spread her legs to make her vagina more accessible to Mystica, who started to passionately like it. Every touches and slither of Mystica’s tongue gives a chilling sensation to Dana. The stroke of the slave’s tongue now comes from the asshole up to the tip of the clitoris. As Dana’s started to feel aroused by the pussy worshipping of the slave, she began to her hips as well. Her hips are now moving in sync with the tongue of the slave. As Dana inched closer and closer to orgasm, Mystica begins sucking on her pussy. The teen slave lightly bites and pulls Dana’s pussy lips. Dana uses her foot to press Mystica’s face against her pussy. This made the slave’s tongue to be inserted in the guest’s pussy. Dana’s foot continues to press Mystica’s face against her pussy. The slave's face is directly in contact in Dana’s pussy as she reaches orgasm. After climaxing, Dana uses her foot once again to direct the teen slave to stop. James and Dana continue their conversation as if nothing happened.


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