Greed Part 3


James Deen, Rilynn Rae, Tiffany Tyler


The scene starts with James Deen lying in bed with a beautiful lady, as the camera rolls down, showing the lady's beautiful legs wrapped on James Deen's body. Later, the lady wakes up in the middle of the night with no one on the other side of the bed. She walks to open the door to witness three naked ladies facing the wall. Perplexed, she moves around the house, looking for James Deen, with nothing on, her gorgeous breasts sway with every step. She reached a room full of beautiful naked mannequin women. Frightened, she ran until she reached a room and came across James Deen standing naked with two women knelt down and sucking on this hard cock. The girls take turn sucking on James Deen's cock while some of the precum can be seen on their chins. One lady excitingly sucks his dick; the other gives James Deen's balls some good old loving. James inserts three of his fingers on one of the woman's mouth, playing with his precum mixed with saliva. James Deen then gives out a moan as he fucks both women’s mouth alternately. James Deen then lays one woman down while he sits on her face, the woman nibbles on James' balls, while he returns the favor and fingers her wet pussy. The other lady keeps on sucking James's cock like a baby on a mother’s bosoms. He turns the women around and takes her from behind while the woman on the bottom licks Jame's balls. He then turns to the woman laying down and fucks her good, with her left leg on Jame's shoulder. The woman enjoys every thrusting force. She looks so beautiful with staring at James. Both ladies lay side by side with their legs high up in the air, waiting for James to lick their wet pussy. James then guides one woman to go down on him while he fucks the other one. Both girls line up on all fours as he takes them from behind, doggy style, slapping their ass with such malicious intent. The threesome goes on with all three moaning a good song. James lies on the couch while a woman takes on him from above; she rides James Deen reverse cowgirl style. The ladies knelt in front of James taking his full-length cock on their mouths alternately until he came. This was a good day.


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