Lust Part 2


Dahlia Sky, Derrick Pierce


She stands in front of the window, thinking about her choices in life and all the things she had done that led to where she is right now. Did she make the right choice? Is it too late to turn back? Is her fate sealed? She’s lost in thought, watching people walking on the streets below completely oblivious to her dilemma. A loud grunt brings her back to the present. She looks back and sees her lover stirring in his sleep. She takes a moment to appreciate the bulging muscles and fierce tattoos adorning his body. A smirk sneaks into her face as she remembered last night’s... activity. She hears him call softly, imploring her to come back to bed and also to get ready for round two. She prepares herself. Unable to control her excitement, she bites her lips and a shiver runs down her spine. She quickly sheds her clothes and walks seductively back to bed - where he is already naked and his cock, hard. She kneels on all hours, already dripping wet from anticipation and presents her ass to him. He wastes no time, no foreplay. In one hard thrust, he is inside her. He pumps like there’s no tomorrow, completely sheathing himself in her warm, wet flesh. She tries to hold back a moan, it comes out anyway. Her head spins from the pleasure and eagerly pushes back her ass, trying to get more of him into her. He paces himself, holding back a bit, not wanting to cum quickly. He pulls all the way out with just the tip in, then slamming back into her again and again. He feels her trying to stop a moan, but he teases her with small short thrusts and is rewarded with that glorious sound coming from deep within her throat. His hands travel from her ass cheeks upward until he finds his fingers encasing her throat- not too much to hurt, but enough to make her catch her breath. He pulls her body towards him and she reaches back to caress his head. He drops her and returns his attention to her ass. She looks back at him, a little bit irritated at the suddenness of the movement, but quickly forgets about it. Her ass is getting pounded and it feels so good, she’s starting to feel a little dizzy. An orgasm takes over her and her mind goes blank for a moment. He pulls out his erect cock for a moment and gives her hole a lick before slipping it in again and resumes his thrusting. He feels his balls tighten and immediately pulls out. He flips her on her back. He holds her legs wide open and bends forward, directing his face to her wet cunt and gives her quivering pussy lick after lick after lick. He pleasures her cunt with his tongue. He swirls it with vigor around her clit and swipes up and down her slit. Every now and then he plunges his tongue inside her, parting her pussy with every lick. Every swipe of his tongue her moans and cries grow louder. She’s not even trying to be quiet anymore, who cares if the walls are thin? She’s having sex and it feels great! Another orgasm rips through her and she momentarily goes blind from the pleasure. Teasingly, he runs the tip of his cock along her slit, making her moan and squirm in the sheets. Her body twists and writhes on the sheets, impatiently waiting for him to move. He playfully rubs his dick before abruptly shoving it all into her pussy. He loves how loud she’s moaning now. Her hand snakes down and rubs her clit increasing the pleasure she’s feeling a hundred times. Her right leg hooks up over his shoulder and the left one down on the bed, giving him more access to her soaked cunt. Pure bliss and satisfaction is painted on her face as his thrust go harder and faster, putting all his weight with his every move. His face is now, just centimeters away from hers, soon enough, in a moment of tenderness, their foreheads touch. He wraps his hands once more around her throat as they both climax for the last time. A few more slow thrusts and he explodes, her cunt walls squeezing his cock and making sure the all his cum is swallowed up by her throbbing pussy. He drapes his body over her, too tired. They lie there on the sheets soaked with their own sweat and cum, satisfied.


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