Pride Part 1


Her head was stuffed into a bag and they dragged her somewhere. Her heart pounded, her blood rushed to her ears. Excitement and fear warring in her chest. She wanted this, but she can’t help but feel helpless and a little bit frightened, but also extremely turned on. They set her down to the floor and removed the bag with one swift motion. She was in an empty room. A room that looked like it had been an office once or maybe a storage room. The people who have her wore identical masks and clothing - a creepy neutral face and an all-black attire. They formed a semi-circle around her and whipped out their prosthetic dicks, the one on her right unceremoniously shoving hers into her mouth. Her cunt began to moisten at the rough act. They took turns shoving the pseudo-cock into her mouth, probably lubing it up before they shove it somewhere else. The rubber appendage in her mouth muffled her moans and whimpers. She felt a hand crept down her stomach and into her underwear. The fingers went straight to the sensitive flesh underneath. Her underwear is soaked with her own juices and the hand smears it all over her crotch. They lifted her shirt and two hands massaged her boobs and teased her nipples until they hardened. She squirmed and moaned helplessly at the stimulation she is receiving. Hands on her breast, hands on her cunt, she can barely breathe as rubber cock after rubber cock blocked her airways as it piston in and out of her mouth. Intense pleasure rocked her from head to toe. Before she knew it, she was lying on her back, legs splayed wide open and her hips grinding against come-covered fingers. How she wished they’d use the cocks already. Her wish was granted soon after. One of the masked people knelt between her legs and positioned the rubber cock upon her entrance. She braced herself and waited, her pussy increased in moisture as she waited. Finally, in one thrust, the whole thing went inside her. She wailed and moaned like a whore. She loved the feeling of the cock sliding in and out of her. They made her sit on top of the cock. She bounced her hips and impaled herself again and again on the cock. They rotated her, so she was facing them. She didn’t even realize she was naked, wearing only her socks. The others are relentlessly groping her, touching her sensitive places making sure that she cums over and over. She rides the rubber cock while another was shoved once again down her throat. She was being spit-roasted by rubber dildoes. Who would’ve thought? Behind her, someone began to spread her ass cheeks open and poking at her back door. While she gets fucked in the pussy and mouth, someone was making sure that her ass gets some attention. She couldn’t help herself, she cummed again as fingers and cocks drilled her holes. They decided that her ass was loose enough and proceeded to stuff one rubber cock in, while the cock that was previously in her cunt was shoved down her throat. She sucked on it greedily. She tasted her own juices and that turned her on even more. She felt another orgasm building up. It felt so great! Her holes being stretch and used by huge dildoes, her nipples and clit are constantly getting attention, why didn’t she think to do this before? She was almost folded into two as they maneuvered her into impossible positions, whilst continuously pumping her holes. She hopes this never ends.


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