Pride Part 2


Dana DeArmond, Dana Vespoli and Phoenix Marie don white, masculine-looking masks as they rest on a wooden ledge. Their backs were fully vulnerable and open to any touch or stimulation that would come from behind them. A dashing man in a white polo enters the room. It was James Deen, looking sleek and cool. From the back view, it was revealed that Dana D., Dana V. and Phoenix Marie wore an all black cotton suit with an elaborate opening that was cut around their butt and their pussy. The opening accentuated their behinds and their pussy lips quite well. As their bare asses and pussy lips were lined up and fully exposed, James knelt down to begin giving each of their love holes a good, intense oral. He slobbered up and filled the first ass hole and pussy with his saliva. It was Dana DeArmond’s. The taste made him want to strip off his clothes and intensity the sensual mood. He pressed his thumb and rubbed it hard against Dana D.’s pussy. He licked and sucked and grabbed her ass cheek in the process. He pushed his thumb inside her pussy once again to add to her delight. Then, James pulled away for a brief second before leaning closer once again and stretching Dana D.’s ass hole wider with his fingers. He began running his tongue up and down over the opening of her butt. He savored the distinct taste of desire. Dana DeArmond’s pussy and ass hole felt sticky, hot and oh-so-delicious. He wondered if Dana V. and Phoenix Marie tasted any different. The curiosity made him move to the next pair of erotic love holes—those that belonged to Phoenix Marie. Both her openings were already dripping wet when he pressed his tongue against her exposed skin. He rolled his tongue up and down and sucked harder and harder that the slurping sounds pierced through their ears. James Deen stood and positioned his erect, massive cock at the entrance to Dana D.’s backdoor. He pushed his cock inside her ass with ease. Damn, she was tight. He eased his dick inside the tight embrace of her ass hole’s damp, inner walls. His cock got squeezed in tighter and tighter the more it caused friction within. In and out, James Deen pumped his penis, his prized possession. He fucked her fast and deep. Switching over to Phoenix Marie, the moment James’ Dick and her ass hole connected felt like it was meant to be joined together. It was a perfect fit. He fired away and drove his manhood with much vigor in and out of the naughty Miss Phoenix. There was hardly any space visible between his cock and her back door because of how quickly he drilled her from behind. Soon, his fingers ached the sensation of wet ass holes and pussies, so he reached out to his sides and dug his fingers into Dana D. and Dana V.’s ass holes. He could do this all day. He continued to ass-fuck Phoenix Marie. The masks they wore made it seem like they maintained straight, poker faces while being pleasured by James Deen. One can only imagine how contorted their faces really were in utter delight behind those masks. Not long after, it was Dana V.’s time to shine. James saw that her ass was ready and needed no further stimulation, so he immediately stuck his dick inside her. Wow, her insides sucked his erection like a vacuum. The sensation was just superb! James was visibly pleased and he swapped from Dana V.’s ass hole to Dana D.’s and then to Phoenix Marie’s. All three of them made his cock throb gratifyingly. When the ladies switched positions—now lying on their backs and facing James Deen—it only doubled the sexual pleasure for all of them. The three each held their legs up for James to be able to penetrate through their asses and give them a good, hard round of anal. He pumped each of them hard and fast, showing off his years of experience and expertise in making a woman cum and moan in immense sensual satisfaction. After what seemed like hours of pleasing anal with three lovely ladies, James finally felt he was about to reach his climax. Dana D., Dana V. and Phoenix Marie pulled themselves up before kneeling closely together right before James’ big, fat cock. The masks they wore failed to hide the eager expressions on their faces as thick cum oozed out of James’ dick. Meanwhile, James’ satisfied smile as he cummed is flashed before the camera before the video cuts.


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