Sloth Part 1


Amanda Tate, James Deen, Lia Lor, Toni Ribas


Lia Lor sits in the toilet then stares at the toilet paper. She wondered why her sex life is as bland as the color of the roll of thin paper she held in her hands. After going about her bathroom business, she stands and stares at her face in the mirror. Then, she turned on the faucet, washed her hands then began to brush her teeth. Sigh. Is today going to be another same-old routine just like yesterday and the days before that? Lia walked back to the living room. There, sitting hungover on the couch was James Deen. He still had his shirt and PJ’s on. The place was thrashed. Papers and plastic bottles were scattered everywhere—and it was either a manifestation that they were too sloppy about cleanliness or a sign that a party recently took place in their flat. Lia crouched right next to James. She trailed her hands from his chest down to his crotch ever so slowly. She briefly stroked his cock through his pants before she pulled it out and completely exposed it. Eager to taste his cock, she dove right in and sucked his entire length into her mouth. She sucked hard and whole, making sure it woke him up. But it didn’t. Lia sucked his dick once again, and even took off her pants to reveal her dark green knickers. She went on all fours beside James and resumed giving him head. Finally, his eyes lazily shot open. Lia wrapped James’ penis around her fingers and casually stroked it up and down…still hopeful that it would finally perk him up and seduce him into fucking her. She rubbed his dick with her feet and it made him horny and moan. She even went back to giving him a blowjob. Sadly, James was just too exhausted—nay, lazy to fool around. In the midst of Lia’s futile efforts, Toni and Amanda bust right into the room. Amanda wore a tight red tank top and really short black shorts. The two went straight to the bed right behind the sofa. It seems Lia Lor isn’t the only horny soul in the room. Amanda and Toni sat on the mattress and immediately began stripping their clothes off. Like Lia, Amanda went on all fours too and sucked Toni’s dick full on. Lia was still not giving up on James. Her hot, wet mouth encircled his erection as she bobbed her head up and down. She soon noticed how quickly things escalated between Toni and Amanda. Lia took a quick look back at James, who was still down and unresponsive to her advances. Finally, she thought. ‘Fuck it! My pussy needs dick and I’m gonna get it….not with James though.’ So she got out of the sofa and headed to Toni and Amanda’s love nest. Bearing no shame, she crawled in between her horny friends. Toni obligingly eased Lia out of her misery and stuck his dick inside her already wet pussy. Lia lowered her head and licked Amanda’s love hole as Toni fucked her from behind. Amanda’s face contorted, and the lusty scene before her made her feel even naughtier. Lia pushed licked her two fingers then pushed it inside Amanda’s puss. She tried not to lose her pace as Toni began picking up his. But Toni was just too skilled. His dick was throbbing and causing a rampage inside her hole that she pulled her fingers out and allowed herself to give in to the sensation. She then went back to licking and sucking Amanda’s wet pussy. Toni then shifted his attention back to Amanda. The two torridly kissed. When Toni sat on his knees, Amanda and Lia took turns sucking his cock and his balls. The feeling of having two hot girls’ tongues swirl around his erection was pure ecstasy. They made him lie on his back before Amanda rode him hard and fast like a cowgirl. Lia leaned forward and the two naked women kissed while Amanda rode Toni’s dick. Soon, it was Lia’s turn to shine once again. She gave Toni head before she slid his cock inside her inner, wet walls. She made sure to ride him harder and faster. Ooh, Toni was having the time of his life. The ladies took turns riding him cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl style, sucking his cock and letting him take charge and fuck them while they lay on their side. What a sinful scenario the three were making right behind James Deen! Before the scene cuts, Amanda is seen riding Toni’s dick once more while Lia leaves them both to their pleasure and resumes sucking a still tired and passed out James Deen.


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