Sloth Part 5


James Deen, Lia Lor, Seth Gamble


The erotic energy continues to sizzle inside the room. James Deen is still deep in his slumber. Who knows, maybe this is all just a part of his wet, wild dream. Lia sits beside the sleeping James, crying and feeling miserable that she was being left out in the middle of a wild, crazy orgy. Soon, however, she was joined by Seth Gamble on the couch. She was already naked and ready, and he felt sorry that she was missing out on all the carnal action going on. Toni, Amanda, Jennifer and Michael Vega fuck each other’s brains out. All of them are busy switching to different sex positions in the background. In the midst of all the intense deep-throating and pussy-fucking, however, Lia and Seth took it upon themselves to grab two glasses of wine and have Lia dress in a see-through black lace nightgown, because why the fuck not, right? It’s a surprise the two can create such a romantic mood amid the carnal chaos. Toni is sticking his dick in and out of Amanda missionary style, while Jennifer’s leg is curled and pushed raised. From behind her, Michael Vega is pumping his long hard dick in and out of her core. It seems Amanda and Toni finally reached their limit, as they suddenly disappeared from their love nest. Jennifer inhales sharply, unable to shut her mouth each time Michael dominated her pussy with his cock. He was just that big. His dick stretched her vagina wider, and she loved the way the inside of her pussy stretched and rubbed against the skin of his erect shaft. His golden locks block the view of Jennifer’s pussy as he replaces his dick with his mouth to give her oral pleasure. He makes sure to lick her clit and push his tongue hard against the wetness of her love hole. She was so beautiful and hot when she anticipated the strokes of his tongue against her exposed bud. Noticing that she was getting impatient, Michael pulled away for a split second to re-position and re-enter his cock inside her. He was balls-deep inside the feisty Jennifer. Now, it was his turn to let out a satisfied and bewitched moan. Jennifer’s face contorted at the intensity. It didn’t take long before Michael missed the taste of Jen’s pussy, so he took a quick break and sucked her hard once again. He fucked her, before Jen went on her knees to give him oral, too. She took in every inch of his throbbing cock. Her lips touched his balls as she sucked his cock hard like a vacuum. It all happened so fast—one minute Jennifer is propped against the wall while Michael fucks her from behind. The next minute she is sucking him hard and sandwiching his meaty dick in between her boobs. Back in the couch, Lia and Seth are getting cozier and cozier with each other. They are huddled against each other, obviously enjoying each other’s company. As Jennifer titty-fucked Michael’s dick, Lia and Seth took the time to tidy up the room. (Totally not unusual and awkward at all.) Jennifer and Michael were lost in ecstasy, taking turns to pleasure each other orally. When the room was finally in order and arranged to their liking, Lia and Seth sat on the bed and began clashing their tongues. Lia slowly took her top off while she grinded her crotch against Seth’s. Now topless and only wearing her short denim shorts, she bends before a fully naked Seth Gamble. She deepthroats him and sucks his balls. It made him pull her hair thanks to the immense stimulation. Seth lay on his back comfortably. Lia straddled him and pushed his cock inside her wet pussy little by little, ‘til his entire length dominated her inside. It was so deep and intense and sensual and enchanting, the way Lia rode his horny, erect cock up and down. Their bodies were intertwined and if they could, they’d probably choose to stay that way forever. His cock fit inside her pussy like a glove. Now, it was Seth’s turn to dominate the pace. First, he fucked her fast and hard from behind. But because he was pushing his dick in and out with much ferocity, Lia found it hard to maintain her balance and soon fell to her back. Good thing that wasn’t a problem for Seth. His fast and solid thrusts remained and Lia could only keep her legs wide open to continue accommodating Seth’s big, fat cock. She gasped and he grunted. Whether it’s missionary style or reverse-cowgirl style, a blowjob or a handjob, the two were also filled to the brim with so much sexual tension and desire. It’s as if they could have sex with each other for days. Seth Gamble ravaged Lia’s pussy, this time even harder and faster ‘til they both finally came. The orgasm was so intense that Seth pushed his thumb inside Lia for her to suck and suppress a loud moan. Finally satisfied and happy, the two horny individuals got dressed, stood and left the room. The room, grew dark and quiet, and all that was left was the thick haze of their sexually charged aftermath.


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