Slutty Mom Part 5


Ryan Conner


After having a blissful orgy with her step-daughter and step-son’s friends, Miss S is left alone. She adores her body on a bathroom mirror and starts touching her breasts, as well as her pussy. She relives her pleasurable experience as he rubs his step-son’s friends cum on her face and boobs. Miss S is supposed to clean herself after being gangbanged, but the dirty thought keeps coming back on her mind. She keeps on rubbing her pussy as she washes her pussy. She becomes hornier with the sight of her sumptuous body in the mirror. She puts one of her feet on top of the sink and spread her pussy. Washing of the cum on her face and boobs only makes her hornier. She now fingers her pussy with one hand while fondling with the other. The feeling is slowly overwhelming her and begins to overtake her urge to wash. Miss S sits at the edge of the bathtub. Wetting her fingers in the sink she continues to rub her pussy. After a while, she spread her legs and starts fingering her pussy. Her big boobs bounce deliciously every time she thrusts her fingers deep inside her pussy. Miss S raises her one leg on the sink. Her pink and plump pussy is now fully exposed. She continues to masturbate, wetting herself with water every now and then. Her moans echo across the four rooms of the bathrooms. Her breathing begins to waver and her moans become louder. She fingers her pussy faster than before. She is about to orgasm. With one final spur of energy and lust, Miss S savagely inserts her fingers into her pussy. After cumming really hard, she still continues to fondle her boobs and finger her pussy. She watches her expression on the mirror and becomes hornier. After a few minutes, Miss S has once again reached the peak of orgasm. After cumming with fingers still inside her pussy, Miss S stares at an empty space and gave a beautiful and naughty giggle.


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