Sovereign Syre and Valentina Nappi: Trading Pussy For Fame


It starts with a seemingly serious interview about an incident with a doctor. One question triggered Sovereign to flashback about the specific arrangements she made with the doctor. Scene cuts to that ‘service’ she and her friend, Valentina, offered in exchange for secrecy. The scene starts with Sovereign and Valentina double teaming the doctor’s dick. While the other suck the living hell out of the man, the other undresses the other. After they’re done exposing each other’s privates, they proceed to make a line to lick each other. It was like a scene from a certain horror movie, except the horror part and 200% kinkier. It didn’t take a while until they changed their positions. They made Sovereign lay down. The doctor gave his order to make Valentina lick her shoot clean. Valentina obliged by not only French kissing it, she played with Sovereigns asshole like she’s pushing some kind of button. The doctor proceeds to do his own thing by going around and start fucking Valentina. He made a side task of licking Sovereign every now and then. Valentina made the most of the work here on this part. While being engaged behind, she cycled from eating Sovereign’s pussy and made her way to the tits and ass. Sovereign rewarded her by giving her a kiss few times in this act. We may be mistaken on the doctor’s practice. He might be a podiatrist after all because he started working on Sovereign’s feet while still, fucking Valentina. The doctor decided to taste Sovereign now. He sat down and made her sit on his dick. Valentina sucked the doctor’s nuts while Sovereign is being fucked. She also made sure that the dick is being treated nicely when it gets out of Sovereign’s pussy. The rough fun starts here. While Sovereign is being fucked sideways, Valentina started working on her techniques and gave Sovereign a light choke. Valentina tasted Sovereign’s natural tits again but this time, she also went for the pits. Valentina knew that her reward is now due. She swapped places with Sovereign and got finger-fucked at some point. Sovereign sat on the doctor’s face to get her pussy licked. Valentina and the doctor now have the best view on her pussy. The doctor got a little rougher with his treatment. He started slapping Valentina’s tits, stood up and slammed her on the couch. Sovereign decide to now sit on Valentina’s face. These acts continued for a while. The scene cuts to a new routine. The 2 girls are now on top of each other—Valentina at the top and Sovereign on the bottom. One gets the dick and the other gets fingered. After that, Valentina gets down made the doctor pin down Sovereign. They both worked on her. She got the full package to make her cum. It was a success and Valentina made sure that she licked whatever came out of Sovereign. The final act is about Sovereign. The doctor carried her and fucked her while standing up. He finished off on Valentina’s mouth. The 2 girls decided to play catch with the stuff using their mouth. End scene.


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