Sovereign Syre Lesbian Escort in Shes Come Undone Part 1


Dana Vespoli, Sovereign Syre


Dana Vespoli comes home after a tiring day at work. She sits on the couch then lights a cigarette. While sitting alone in the hotel room, Dana can’t help but remember her wife. She sends her wife a voicemail. Dana is feeling a little guilty of how coldly she treated her wife in the past. Someone calls her on the phone. Her face clearly expresses how frustrated she is. It seems there is something wrong with her job. While Dana is busy typing on the computer, she suddenly feels a little horny. She takes a belt and heads directly to the bathroom. Dana wrapped the belt tightly around her neck. She pulls down her panties and starts rubbing her pussy. She fantasizes about girls fucking. Her imagination, in addition to autoerotic asphyxiation caused by the belt, makes her sexually aroused. Masturbation is not enough to sate her carnal needs. She calls her friend and requests the service of a hooker. Sovereign Syre walks up to the door and knocks lightly. She is wearing a green dress. Dana lets her come into her room. She quickly checks the quality of the product, testing out her ass and pussy. Dana tells Sovereign to completely remove her clothes. Sovereign crawls to the bed. Dana approaches her while smoking a cigarette. She fondles her thick ass before slapping it hard. The sharp pain makes Sovereign complain. Dana becomes disinterested in her and tells her to leave. However, Sovereign is willing to pleasure her client by other means. Dana lies on her bed then removes her panties. Dana commands her to eat her bushy cunt. Sovereign follows her instruction perfectly. She gets down on her, diving straight to her wet pussy. Her playful tongue plays with her clitoris and labia. Dana is not used to soft plays. She tightly wrapped her thighs around her neck then covered her nose and mouth with her hands. Sovereign grasps for breath as Dana chokes her tighter. The girls stopped their play and just stare at each other. They start to talk about their personal life. Dana opens up about her relationship with her wife.


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