Stockholm Syndrome Part 1


Remy LaCroix is in the kitchen. She is dressed in a black spaghetti-strapped top and a long black skirt. She is looking around, in deep thoughts wondering what she can cook today. She is starting to put some ingredients out when she hears something from one of the rooms inside the house. The mystery on the other room is exposed. Steven St. Croix and Kalina Ryu, both still dressed and kneeling on the floor, are making out with each other. They quickly undress. Steven leaves his white polo on while Kalina is left with her underwear and her black knee-high stockings on. With his big hard dick already out in the open, Kalina waits no more and takes his full-length into her mouth giving him a blowjob. Steven lays on the black sheets on the floor as Kalina hops on top of him on sixty-nine. He is on his back eating her pussy while she is on top of him giving him a blowjob. She inserts his big cock into his wet and tight pussy and rides him crazy in reverse cowgirl. He then slowly turns them into scoop me up. With her legs close to each other, her pussy ends up wrapped tightly around his dick making it harder than it already is. Steven pulls his cock out of her pussy, positions her on fours and rams into her pussy from behind in doggy-style. He humps her into her really hard, the sound of their skin slapping each other is like music to his ears. It is making him hornier. The two opt to shift position once again, in search for that one sexual position that can lead them both to their peak. Kalina goes crazy when he puts her on top of him in cowgirl position. With his big cock inside her, hitting the right spot, she begins riding his cock faster. Steven St. Croix pulls out of her pussy knowing that he is about to orgasm. Kalina Ryu sucks his big cock again making it throb non-stop. The two horny people finish off their sexy time in missionary.


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