Stockholm Syndrome Part 2


Remy LaCroix finishes off in the kitchen. Right after washing the dishes, she heads up to the room where she knew the noise is coming from. And damn she is right. As she reaches the top of the stairs, she walks into Steven St. Croix and Kalina Ryu fucking in missionary. Remy gets angry at the sight. Steven stands up and approaches while Kalina puts a beige spaghetti-strapped top on and stays on the sheets. Remy is not having it. He cheated and she wants revenge. Steven stands naked near the window overlooking the city, his big cock still hard. Remy kneels in front of him and deepthroats his big hard dick. She almost chokes at his length. She then stands up and faces Kalina with her back on his hairy chest. She proudly lifts her skirt up as she bends forward giving enough room for his dick. Steven slowly enters her tight pussy. She shrieks in pain because it is not lubricated enough as Kalina watches in delight, her pussy getting wetter. Steven pulls his dick out of Remy and she takes her clothes off, one by one. Remy kneels on the floor again facing his cock and takes its full-length into her mouth, giving her a blowjob. Kalina begins masturbating at the sight. She spreads her legs wide, strokes her clit and palms her pussy walls while watching the Steven and Remy walk to the black chair and fuck with him sitting and her riding on top. Remy is eyeing Kalina the whole time. Remy slowly pulls the big hard cock out and sucks it. Kalina, turned on and hornier than ever, goes on her fours and fingers herself. Steven St.Croix stands up and masturbates as he watches the two ladies. He then positions Remy LaCroix in stand and deliver and thrusts his dick inside her wet and tight pussy. He humps her hard and caresses her big tits. Kalina Ryu watches them all this time.


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