Wrath Part 3


So, you thought the wrath of Danny Wylde’s penis is over? Well, his cock’s still filled so much lustful rage. Continuing where he left off, he slides his robust dick in and out and over a pair of luscious pink lips. The sensation of her soft, tinted lips against the skin of his crotch was enough for him to instantly pound his cock inside her. Their bodies stuck together like puzzle pieces. He pumped into her so strongly that she made her bend low and touch her feet. It gave him such a good, full view of her ass and her pussy. He slid his hard manhood in and out of her, making sure she felt the entire length of his cock. The strong, solid thrusts of his cock and the sound of his balls slapping against her wet entrance made the other girls lust for more. He pumped in her faster and faster. As he increased his speed, he pulled one of the girls and tugged hard at her hair. He pulled her behind him and linked his arms with hers for balance while he continuously fucked her friend doggy style. He was just out of control. He slapped the other ladies as he continued to demonstrate the might of his dick. Everything just happened so fast. Next thing they knew, they were all on the floor, sitting on their laps as they watched Danny Wylde drag Janice Griffith to the wall and bang her head slightly against the light. Then he proceeded to roughly slide his cock inside her raw pussy. The harder he fucked her the more he pulled at her hair and her arm. The ladies watched Danny in amazement. They looked like they were under his spell. Vyxen seductively crawls her way right before Danny and Janice and bends to expose her asshole and her pussy. Danny wasted no time and pulled Janice towards the direction where Vyxen was crouched down. He pushed Janice over the inked blonde as he ravaged her opening, before finally pulling his cock out and then immediately plowing it into Vyxen’s dripping wet and hot love hole. His cock was in heaven, despite it being indulged in sin after sin. A pussy here and an asshole there, followed by a slick, hot tongue and a pair of naughty lips slobbering up his cock non-stop. He treated the ladies like sex toys. Pulling them hard by their hair, commanding them to suck his cock ‘til it was dry—it was now clear that Danny Wylde was truly born to live up to his name. And the ladies? Well, they really loved watching Danny Wylde fuck each of their companions senseless. They loved the way his arms strongly wrapped around their chests, how he dragged them by the hair, forced them to bend their bodies to give his cock a better angle as he drilled their pussies and their ass holes. It made them eager to be his next sex slave, even for just a few minutes. Does Danny Wylde ever grow tired? Does his cock ever run out of stamina? The answer, it seems, is no. He can go on and on for hours. It’s as if nothing can satisfy the wrath and rage of his immoral cock. He let the ladies drown his cock in more of their sinful juices. Though there were only eight ladies who joined him in his carnal escapade, he felt like he had seen so many pussies, ass holes and titties in just one event. No matter how roughly he pushed them on the floor, or grabbed their arms and hair, they would always willingly spread their legs or bend their backs or arch their backs and readily take in his cock. He mercilessly slides his cock inside them, feeling a brand new kind of sensual delight with every stroke. His cock digs in deeper and the walls of their pussies and ass holes hug his erection tighter. All that mattered to Danny was that he had a nice, hot and sticky hole he could stick his lascivious cock into. It wasn’t long until all the ladies were sprawled on the floor, trying to regain their energy. Mr. Danny Wylde’s cock was simply too much for them to handle, to horny and enraged for them to satiate. In the end, his dick remains rock solid and erect, pointing at the weary yet immensely euphoric ladies. Danny rubs his dick furiously, til his jizz splashes on the sin-stained floor.


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